Brandon Judd: Supreme Court border wall decision offers America a rare chance to begin to fix a broken system

In a historic decision Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court cleared the way for billions of military dollars to be used in building a wall to help protect Americans from a never-ending onslaught of illegal immigration and drugs.

Once again, President Trump fought hard for his agenda, didn’t back down to the shrill voices of the obstructionists … and won.

The 5-4 ruling further exemplifies why it's so important to appoint Supreme Court justices who interpret issues through a constitutional lens, reach conclusions based on law instead of an activist agenda and interpret the law rather than legislate from the bench.


Unsurprisingly, the most-overturned Circuit Court of Appeals in the history of our country, the 9th Circuit based in San Francisco, was once again spanked by the high court.

There's no doubt that open-borders activists (including a number of elected representatives who take an oath to uphold our Constitution) and so-called environmental groups aren’t done throwing their obstructionist monkey wrenches in the path of progress.

Customs and Border Control agent patrols east of Nogales, Ariz. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel, File)

The vast majority of Americans don’t want open borders. Neither do those same Americans want laws, policies and regulations derived from ill-advised emotions and feelings. They want those laws, policies and regulations based on sound principles that enhance the prosperity, safety and well-being of our citizens and legal immigrants.

Americans and most legal immigrants want a well-functioning, orderly border that rewards those who comply with our immigration laws, rather than those who ignore our laws while demanding we put them at the front of the line.

While America has a longstanding tradition of conservatism as it relates to our natural resources, I’ve never been able to understand how organizations like the Sierra Club advocate against policies and infrastructure that would help stop illegal immigration, which has done tremendous damage to our natural resources along the border.

I’ve personally seen the tons and tons of trash, trampled vegetation, out-of-control vehicle traffic, wildfires that have burned thousands of acres and other damage caused by illegal immigrants and smugglers over the years.

We finally have a chance to gain control of an immigration system that so many call “broken” but do nothing to fix.

A wall would prevent this extraordinary, well-documented damage. And yet the Sierra Club is worried about the minimal impact caused by building the barrier?  That's like screaming about the prick of a hypodermic needle as it delivers life-saving medicine to your body.

What we have done at our borders for so many decades is not working. Most of the politicians we have elected have failed miserably. There has been plenty of talk, promises and fundraising when it comes to securing our borders, but little progress toward truly accomplishing that goal.


We finally have a chance to get something substantive done. We finally have a chance to make our country and its citizens safer. We finally have a chance to gain control of an immigration system that so many call “broken” but do nothing to fix.

As the old saying goes, talk is cheap. It’s time to get this fixed.