In the middle of historical progress being made for blacks in America, this should be the most celebrated Black History Month of our generation. Instead, we are in a fight against labeling as the words racist and white supremacy have poured into our politics and become normalized in our American culture.

New York City’s billionaire former mayor Michael Bloomberg implemented stop and frisk policies which, as he said in 2015, would take guns out of minority kids’ hands by throwing them up against the wall and frisking them. Bill Clinton and Joe Biden’s 1994 crime bill is responsible for the mass incarceration of too many in the black community over the last 25 years. But some way and some how the Democrats have shielded their leaders like Bloomberg, Biden, Clinton and others by creating the illusion that all Democrats are allies to black people, regardless of their policies.

Unfortunately, some Americans and many blacks have been brainwashed to automatically associate President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” with a dog whistle for “Make America White Again.” Even Van Jones, who famously called Trump’s 2016 presidential victory a “whitelash,” has now reversed course and given credit to the president for his historical accomplishments for black Americans.


I truly believe that our blind faith in Democrats in the black community has fueled us to use our energy and emotions on only being concerned with what we think others are still doing to hold us back while ignoring the violence and evil we are bringing onto ourselves, as well. We have locked in our focus on white cops in our black communities who don’t do a good job policing, yet most of us would never consider taking those same policing jobs ourselves. The effect has been widespread assaults and disrespect toward law enforcement, even good cops.

Trump is right: we needed to Make America Great Again -- especially black America. We need black America to get back to the culture we had a generation ago which established the church as the foundation of our communities; when gospel and soul music filled the ears, hearts, minds and spirits of our children instead of the hip hop music that emboldens so many black youth to lose basic morality, commit crimes and disregard any fear of authority.

We need to get black America back to the days when we protected and valued black lives, versus manifesting war-like conditions in many of the largest black urban areas of the country. If only we could get back to when our black leaders dedicated their lives to advocating for issues affecting the black community, unlike today when most remain mute following dozens of their constituents being shot in the streets on a weekly basis.

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So when Trump asked black Americans in 2016 “what do you have to lose?” I was listening. Since then, Trump has been writing himself quite the legacy with his policies that are helping black Americans:

Reversing mass incarceration of blacks in America 

By now many black Americans are aware that President Trump has taken bold steps to repeal the Democratic lead 1994 crime bill. After almost three decades of mass incarcerating far too many blacks across America, the First Step Act is resulting in scores of blacks being let out of prison for nonviolent crimes. Now it’s time to use the energy that we are putting into calling the president racist and redirect it to continue lobbying the local and state governments to follow President Trump’s lead to end mass incarceration for nonviolent crimes.

Giving most money ever to historically black colleges

Can anyone guess which U.S. president has given the most money in history to American black colleges? Yes, that would be Donald J. Trump. Trump’s executive order to give more money to our historically black colleges and universities than any president in history is something that was muted by most liberal media and sadly ignored by even the most prominent alumni of HBCUs. Several of these schools were closing down and facing bankruptcy before Trump.


Investing in black communities across America

“Opportunity Zones” are leading the way for the Trump revolution to bring real dollars back to black inner cities across America. Despite the rhetoric from the left about the Trump tax cuts only benefiting the rich, this program can literally help resurrect the most underserved communities in America.

Addressing a health crisis for blacks with initiative to end AIDS by 2030

After securing a massive donation of billions in AIDS medication, President Trump then went on to place $291 million in the FY2020 Health and Human Services budget focused on ending the HIV epidemic. Through blacks represent only 13 percent of the overall population, we represent 42 percent of new HIV diagnoses.


Creating jobs for underserved blacks

The Second Chance Act incentivizes American businesses to hire our former prison population and offers states millions of dollars to help ensure success transitions post-release. I’ve personally worked to help address this issue by creating a tailored business program for inmates. I guess it’s pretty hard to deny progress for black America when we see unemployment drop to 5.4 percent.

My goal is to highlight the need to unify the country around the idea of standing up for one of the most underserved segments of the American population -- our black brothers and sisters. We need Americans of all races to stand up for the basic principles that the Bible teaches us in Proverbs 31:8-9, “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.”