Autoworkers’ anti-union move is a lesson for big-city leaders

‘Look for the union label” was once the catchy line in a song for garment workers. Nowadays, the “union label” is a warning to run for your life — or at least your job.

The upset defeat of the United Automobile Workers Union at a Volkswagen plant in Tennessee has backers hunting for scapegoats. State Republicans are easy targets, but the mad-as-hell union crowd will score only if it looks in the mirror.

There it would see the real culprit, according to Tennessee workers who rejected UAW arm-twisting.

“Look at what happened to the auto manufacturers in Detroit and how they struggled. They all shared one huge factor: the UAW,” Mike Jarvis, a Volkswagen employee who voted no on the union, told The New York Times.

The lesson should not be limited to the South, or even to industrial workers.

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