Ami Horowitz: Iran got game

I recently spent a few days in Vienna.  I didn't go for the schnitzel or the strudel or the fact that it seems like it is the last place in the civilized world where you can smoke in a bar.  No, I went to cover the recent farcical nuclear negotiations between the west and Iran that just wrapped up this week. (See the latest "Ami on the Street" below, as the chief western spokesperson gets annoyed with me for repeatedly pointing out Iran's propensity to obfuscate and the Iranian negotiators just trying to run away from me.)

[youtube uE6bV7-IgTA]

The West is involved in a charade that is creating a clear lane for the Iranians to reach nuclear weapon nirvana.  The foolish western negotiators seem to have an unceasing worship of paper, particularly any paper signed by Iran proclaiming their willingness to work with the west on issues of nuclear weapons.  This ill-conceived gamble by the west presupposes good faith on the other side of the negotiating table, as demonstrated by the spokesperson below.

Unfortunately, a simple cursory examination of Iran's prior negotiations and agreements exposes Iran's liberal relationship with the truth and recidivist behavior when it comes to breaking such agreements.

So good luck with that!