Alec Baldwin, Piers Morgan suffer from liberal dose of self-delusion

In his new book, “The Revolt Against the Masses,” Fred Siegel approvingly quotes a critic who said liberals have a “psychological mechanism” that lets them turn their own failings “into moral judgments against society.”

That mechanism is on full display with the swan songs of Alec Baldwin and Piers Morgan. After butting heads with reality and getting only headaches, both concluded that reality is to blame.


“I think America’s more f–ked up now than it’s ever been,” Baldwin told New York magazine in his goodbye rant against everyone and everything.

Morgan, a Brit who’s losing his low-rated CNN show, was obsessive about gun control and had the habit of “peering down his nose at the unruly colonies and wondering how to bring the savages to heel,” a New York Times columnist wrote.

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I wish Baldwin and Morgan good luck — somewhere far, far away. Maybe they’d be happy on Mars?

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