A Slap In the Face for the Ruling Class

If we learned anything from last night’s primaries, it’s that the current ruling class and everything they stand for was rejected.

Our leader in the White House is a man with very little executive experience. In the GOP primary in California voters chose Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman – two seasoned former CEOs – to take on Democratic icons Barbara “Call me Senator” Boxer and former Governor Jerry Brown.

Our leader in the White House is a man who has deep ties into the largest special interest in the nation: the unions. Last night, Senator Blanche Lincoln pulled off an upset win against Bill Halter 44.5 percent to 42.5 percent, and she did it by running away from Obama’s agenda, despite the unions who pumped $10 million into the race to unseat her. Though the president endorsed Lincoln, her campaign disengaged from him. The real endorsement that mattered? The one from former President Bill Clinton.

Our leader in the White House is a man who leans left. His agenda is based on a vast expansion of government power, expensive programs that benefit only a few, and massive spending. The candidates who won last night -- from Nikki Haley in South Carolina to Sharron Angle in Nevada -- ran on a platform of reform, pledging to change the current course of politics as usual and stop the growth of the public sector that’s bankrupting the nation. The ideology of the current ruling class was vehemently rejected.

Typically after the primaries, candidates bolt to the middle to ensure victory but not this year.

You’ll see many of last night's winners stick to conservative principles and buck the current leadership in Washington from Pelosi to Obama and Reid.

Over the next five months watch closely as the message of change that Obama brought to Washington will be rightly used against him. And, I predict, very successfully.

Andrea Tantaros is a FoxNews.com contributor. Follow her @andreatantaros.

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