A Jailbreak Among Inmates -- Politics At Its Lowest In New York State

By Michael GoodwinNew York Daily News Columnist/FOX News Contributor

In theory, it has nothing to do with him. In reality, the latest fit of madness in Albany has everything to do [with New York's] Gov. Paterson.

Just as nature hates a vacuum, so does power. And Paterson's failure to establish himself as the warden of state government has set off a jailbreak among the inmates. Because he hasn't taken charge, it's every thief for himself.

That's the bottom line of the coup that returned control of the state Senate to the GOP. After five months of Democratic misrule, Republicans made slimy deals with two scoundrel Dems, enough to regain a working majority.

The same scoundrels had provided Dems with their edge, so turnabout is fair play. The episode proves again that the parties share contempt for the public.

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