A gentleman's guide to Donald Trump's comments about illegal immigrants and crime

How many people are in America illegally?  It seems beguiling, this business of counting people who snuck in to avoid being counted.  It suggests of itself an undertaking ripe for miscalculation.  Also, and this may surprise a few, but some will try to fudge the numbers to fit an agenda.

The Department of Homeland Security puts the number at about 11.5 million people as of that agency’s latest common-core approved arithmetic performed in 2012.  Since Donald Trump limited his criticism to Mexico, note that the same report also finds that 59% of the illegally residing immigrant population is from Mexico, totaling about 6.7 million people.

Surely you will find other numbers bandied about the Internet.  However, since the left subscribes to the infallibility of President Obama, let’s not issue a challenge to his Department of Homeland Security. The left will accept that the President is correct – there are 6.7 million Mexicans who are in America and not authorized to be here.

If the illegally residing Mexican population were to form a state, they would be the 14th most populated state in America – the same size as Massachusetts.

Thinking of the illegally residing Mexicans in terms of the size of Massachusetts adds perspective to the huge numbers.  For instance, imagine the problems it would cause were Massachusetts to announce tomorrow it is no longer a state.  

Imagine if they insisted that the other 49 states will now have to use their resources and tax revenue to build and maintain Massachusetts’ roads, bridges, schools, parks, hospitals, libraries, fire departments, police departments and yes, even their courts and jails.

The rest of us would have to pay for all that because the structure of that state which heretofore supported it would no longer exist.

Would we want to do that even for our fellow Americans in Boston?  No, we would say they ask too much of us. 

Yet that is precisely what the illegally residing Mexican population is forcing us to do. A group the size of Massachusetts is using our structures to afford themselves a civil society, despite not having invested in building it (according to the DHS, 82% of illegal aliens arrived within the last 25 years).

If we would refuse Massachusetts this freebie if they asked, why do we say yes to Mexico who takes without asking?

To continue our analysis about crime, we are forced to make an assumption about a delicate issue.  The issue is stated thusly:  When it comes to crime, are the illegally residing Mexican immigrants lesser moral beings than the blue-blooded Brahmins of Massachusetts, better moral beings, or about the same?

One could make the argument that having a couple of centuries of American exceptionalism in their collective experience, Massachusetts  can claim morally superior and more cultured people, despite having forced us to suffer the occasional Boston strangler, Salem witch trial or botched Chappaquiddick police investigation.  But alas, they can not make such a claim to superiority; not in today’s politically correct America.

We must look to our founding principle stated by Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence that “all men or created equal.”  Or we can look to ESPN, who reminds us that all transgender men are equal to women.  We seem thusly compelled to accept, particularly with our current configuration of Supreme Court, that there is no such thing as unequal people and that the illegally residing Mexicans are every bit the moral equivalent of the people of Massachusetts.  Who on the left will dare to argue?

Now let’s get to the issue of crime and the co-equal moral bodies of the people of Massachusetts and the illegally residing Mexican population.  If we assume the same moral fiber, we must assume the same amount of crime.  What follows is the current Massachusetts crime statistics.

Regarding violent felonies only for the latest reported year, of the 26,819 violent offenses committed in Massachusetts during 2012, the overwhelming majority were aggravated assaults (18,424), followed by robberies (6,669), forcible rapes (1,603), and murders (123).

Regarding property crimes for the latest reported year, of the 144,450 property offenses committed in Massachusetts during 2012, the overwhelming majority were larcenies (101,609), followed by burglaries (33,756) and motor vehicle thefts (9,085).

So accepting the equality of people from Massachusetts and illegally residing Mexicans, the latter group is likely each year to assault 18,424 people, rob 6,669 people, rape 1,603 women and kill 123 people.  In addition, they will steal from 101,609 people, invade 33,756 homes and steal over 9,000 cars.

It is unfortunate enough that any society has to spend resources on the criminal mayhem of its own people. We have no choice but to resign ourselves to that draw on capital. 

Yet when we have to pay for the same from people who are not supposed to be here in the first place, who snuck in to drain other resources from us, there is a “double whammy” feel about it. It’s worse. 

It has nothing to do with race or nationality. 

The preventability of it is the added kick to the stomach, along with paying for crime that the country of Mexico ought to be paying for itself.

A good deal has been made by the leftists in the media that Donald Trump focused on rape. Normally a politician seeking to do away with 1,603 rapes of women each year would be heralded as a hero. But the political season is not normal. 

Instead, adding insult to horrible injury of 1,603 raped women per year, the left prioritized hurt feelings over rape and called Trump a racist because the men who did it were Mexican. Good grief.  Anything to win an election.

Of course we are talking about forcible rape. Regarding sexual assault as a whole, according to the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, “In Massachusetts alone, 4,418 adolescents and adults are sexually assaulted each year -- that’s 12 people each day and one every two hours.”

If we can stop 12 people a day from getting sexually assaulted by closing the border, why is that not something all on the left, particularly the National Organization for Women, should rally for?

I concede the number I’m using of 4,418 for sexual assaults per year by the illegally residing Mexican population, because that’s the number committed in the similarly populated state of Massachusetts, could be wrong. The Government Accounting Office did a study and found over a 7-year period illegal immigrants were arrested nearly 70,000 times for sexual assault, and 68% of those people were of Mexican origin, averaging 6,800 arrests per year for sexual offenses.

By ascribing the Massachusetts sexual assault numbers to illegally residing Mexicans, I appear to be giving them a break by half.  Perhaps they aren’t equal to the Brahmins after all.

To conclude, were we true gentleman of the press, we would support and lionize Donald Trump for casting light on the need to stop 1,603 rapes of women per year, instead of calling him a racist to score points for the Democratic Party.