9 secrets for a long, happy, healthy, sexy and rewarding life

I am 92-years young.

The last time I saw my doctor  … I visit him every three months … he told me I have the body and health of a sixty-year-old!

When I meet new friends and they learn how young I am, they don’t hesitate to ask, “What is your secret?”

I don’t really have just one, but I have done some soul searching and came up with a few reasons why I have weathered so many years … happy, healthy, vital and sexy!


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I start by doing what the experts recommend: exercise, eat nutritious foods, control my weight, get at least eight hours of sleep a night, spend time with my friends and walk a mile or two every day.

After long, sober contemplation, I finally discovered my “secret.”  I am convinced that it is my spiritual mind-set about how I choose to live: You must want to live a long life and view living with grace and acceptance.

Here are a few tenets from my “secret” that you may choose to live by:        

1. Accept that the world is full of wonders to be enjoyed.

2. Don’t worry about the mistakes you’ve made, learn from them.

3. Make friends of both sexes and if you live alone, don’t ignore someone much younger or older than you. He/she may become your significant other.

4. Face your sexuality head on. As you mature, you may find your inclinations have changed and you are open to explore new types of relationships.

5. Indulge, in a “Be Kind To Me Day” at least once a month. Or you may prefer to spend a be kind to me hour, morning, afternoon or evening.

6. Indulge more often. Try sleeping late, lounging around the house in your robe and other sinful joys, ending with dinner at your favorite eatery.

7. Keep as current as you can with technological developments.

8. Try adopting a pet … a cat, a dog, a cockatiel or any animal or bird… for they will add years to your life.

9. Create a Pursuit with a Purpose.  There is nothing more rewarding than dedicating yourself to a project with a purpose, for yourself, for someone else, for a charity or for all three.

I encourage you to try the suggestions that work for you and seek your own secret to a long and happy life. You may even live to reach a healthy and hearty age 100 or more. I know I plan to do just that!