Asra Nomani blasts media narrative about VA parents: I'm a Muslim woman of color, not a white supremacist

Asra Nomani, Ian Prior on Republican Glenn Youngkin's victory.

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Virginia mother and education activist Asra Nomani joined "The Ingraham Angle" Tuesday from Republican Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin's campaign headquarters ahead of the final vote count. Nomani said she voted Republican in this election as a "liberal Democrat feminist," pushing back on the media narrative about angry parents being racist. 


ASRA NOMANI: What the parents of Virginia have done is send a clear message to every single person who has treated us like dirt. They are all here, all of the moms and dads. We are mama bears and papa bears and we have said loud and clear: Get your hands off of our cubs. You are going to lose more races if you continue to treat us like dirt and we have risen. We are loud and we are strong And we are saying very clearly, we are not going to allow you to claim our babies. None of this nonsense is going to be acceptable anymore. 

I am a liberal Democrat and for the first time ever, I voted for [a Republican] Glenn Youngkin for governor. … And CNN, all these people [in the media], they are trash-talking us. I am a Muslim woman of color and I'm telling you, we are not white supremacists. If this is what a white supremacist looks like, then … all of you need a timeout.