Steve Hilton offered strong praise for President Trump Sunday and took aim at his Republican critics after Iran’s apparent stand-down in the latest confrontation between Washington and Tehran.

"I don't think there has been proper recognition of the substance of what this president is doing. It’s completely different than what we’ve seen before. It doesn't fit into the establishment traditional ideological boxes," Hilton said Sunday on "The Next Revolution."

"That's why they waste our time with pointless political games with impeachment," Hilton continued. "We saw the new approach clearly with Iran. The Democrats, never-Trumpers and their lackeys branded him a warmonger. But his strategy has been consistent with day one. He's anti-war, but he's also anti-weak. He doesn't want to invade deserts of sand…but he doesn’t want to put his head in the sand like the isolation nuts either."


Rattling off a series of accomplishments by the Trump administration, Hilton devoted much of his monologue to what he called the "Trump revolution" and fired back at "establishment Republicans" who criticize the president.

"This is the Trump revolution," Hilton said. "Pragmatic. Non-ideological. He approaches issues as a businessman. It's a revolution in ideas and it goes way beyond foreign policy. "

Hilton credited Trump for "combining the best of traditional conservative ideas with positive populism," highlighting his tax cuts, criminal justice reform, job creation, low unemployment rates, and the confirmation of several conservative judges.

"How are the establishment Republicans reacting? he asked, pointing to a recent New York Times op-ed penned by a group of prominent anti-Trump Republicans that announced the launch of a new super PAC  aimed at preventing the GOP incumbent’s 2020 re-election. The article, published in December, is titled “We are Republicans and we want Trump defeated."

"As Americans, we need to stem the damage he and his followers are doing to the rule of law, the Constitution and American character," the article reads.

"What? Trump’s damage?" Hilton fired back. "Who backed the human and economic catastrophe of the Iraq war? Who brought in the disastrous 1986 immigration reform creating the broken system Trump is trying to fix? Who let China into the World Trade Organization devastating American manufacturing to the point where we literally can't even print bibles in America? Who pushed ruling class trade globalism that spawned the disastrous NAFTA putting so many Americans out of work in the heartland? And who assaulted the American family with policies that collapsed marriage rates and family stability?

"No, Not the 'evil Trump,'" Hilton continued. "It was you, the Republican establishment who did this to America. These never Trumpers are apologists for an elitist ideology that is anti-worker, anti-family and anti-community."

"They can write whatever pompous self-righteous nonsense they want in the New York Times. The establishment Republican party is not coming back. It is dead," Hilton concluded, "...killed by their policy failure and Donald Trump's policy success."


"After Trump, it will be a different Republican party...and for American workers, families, and communities, that is fantastic news."