The city leadership in Seattle has “lost all the political will to enforce the rule of law,” according to Michael Solan, president of the Seattle Police Officers Guild.

“There is an unreasonable activist trench that is, unfortunately, stealing the peaceful protest message for justice for George Floyd,” Solan told “The Ingraham Angle” on Wednesday night.

Solan said that activists continue to occupy a six-block area in the city of Seattle that includes a shuttered police precinct.

“It is absolutely unreasonable activism and we are pulling our hair out because we are true public safety professionals that took an oath of service," he said. "And we are holding our elected leaders responsible for this travesty on the overall amazing Seattle community that are law-abiding citizens that are yearning for police officer’s public safety services,” Solan said.


Hundreds of protesters, aided by a sympathetic city council member, stormed Seattle's City Hall Tuesday night to demand the mayor's resignation, just days after seizing the six-block downtown zone.

Demonstrators remained peaceful, without reports of violence or injuries, but are pushing Mayor Jenny Durkan to step down if she refuses to defund the city's police department.

The protesters continued to camp out in a self-declared “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” (CHAZ), which has effectively been abandoned by law enforcement after the Seattle Police Department closed the East Precinct on Monday.

Solan said that there is a "tug of war" going on at City Hall for control and “police are stuck in the middle.”

“Now look what happened. We lost a precinct, now, what’s next? Are we going to lose another precinct? The city council has removed our ability to have less lethal ammunition for us to properly protect those facilities and protect ourselves,” Solan said.

“So what’s left? How are we supposed to defend the rest of those precincts? What about the community’s voice?"


For more than two weeks following the police-involved death of George Floyd, hundreds of demonstrators all over the country took to the streets to condemn police brutality.

In some cities, like Seattle, pockets of violence erupted as a result of clashes with law enforcement.