Saints fans defend Drew Brees as Laura Ingraham rips media coverage: 'This is an echo chamber of inanity'

"He didn't do anything to offend me.  He didn't say anything against any other people out there...I think it is definitely a suppression of his beliefs."

That is how one New Orleans Saints fan reacted to the recent deluge of criticism for NFL quarterback Drew Brees after Brees released a video calling for students to participate in Bring Your Bible to School Day.


Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham weighed in on the blowback on her Fox Nation show "Laura and Raymond".

"The Left likes everyone to think that they are the mainstream, but they are the Left.  They are the far-left, radical, malcontents, always trying to cause trouble when there is no trouble."

The mainstream media reaction to Brees was fierce as critics pounced on Brees' affiliation with the group, Focus on the Family, a group frequently accused of being anti-gay.

The New York Daily News wrote, "Saints quarterback Drew Brees recorded a video for culture-war anti-gay dinosaurs Focus on the Family..."

After Brees defended himself saying, "I do not support any groups that discriminate or that have their own agendas that are trying to promote inequality", the Washington Post ran this headline, "'Being Christian is love’: Drew Brees defends appearing in video linked to anti-LGBT rights religious group."

Fox Nation's Raymond Arroyo went to the Superdome in New Orleans on opening day and spoke to some fans about the blowback.

"He said 'All, I'm trying to do is just love my God and express that people can bring their Bible to school, and that's it," said a man attending the Saints' home opener against the Houston Texans.

"They're never satisfied or content that an individual should be able to express his or her faith, if it's a Christian faith, if it is a Bible-believing faith and you're proud of it, you are somehow a horrible person," Ingraham continued.

Arroyo also raised questions over the genesis of the controversy, which was first reported on by Big Easy Magazine, a progressive publication in New Orleans.

"When you trace the anatomy of this smear back, you realize it was one group...some little magazine that was on-line...I asked people at the game, they had never heard of it and neither have I. I live in New Orleans," said Arroyo, "That one site posted this...and everybody just picked it up and just ran with it."

Laura agreed, "This is an echo chamber of inanity. This is lazy reporters, instead of doing their own primary research, pick up headlines that confirm their own worldview, their own bias, throw it out there and see what sticks."

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