In the popular Fox Nation series "The Quiz Show," Fox News host and comedian Tom Shillue gives featured guests a chance to show off their knowledge of off-the-wall trivia and pop culture topics.

In a recent episode, self-proclaimed "quiz-master" Shillue was joined by Todd Starnes, host of Fox Nation's "Starnes Country," to test his knowledge in a "tapestry of a tremendously tricky trivia test."

Shillue tested Starnes on subjects ranging from Harry Potter and Fortnite dance moves, to uncommon medical terms, and everything in between.

Starnes was just the latest in a long line of Fox News personalities who have taken the quiz. All the episodes are available on-demand on the Fox Nation app.

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., also joined Shillue in what he called a "VIP" episode where he tested his knowledge of romantic pairings - some of which never happened.

Gaetz performed surprisingly well and credited his days as a college student for preparing him for the difficult questions.

In another episode, Shillue tried to stump actress Kristy Swanson as he tested her knowledge about popular romantic comedies throughout the years.

The Hollywood actress was asked about details from many of the most famous rom-coms --  and even stumped Shillue at one point during the game.

In another notable episode, Shillue got a taste of his own medicine as he was joined by fellow comedian Jeff Allen.

Allen brought his A-game and cynical sense of humor as Shillue quizzed the comedian on animals featured in TV and film, a category which Allen was not too familiar with.

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