MSNBC anchor Brian Williams promoted the disgraced anti-Republican group The Lincoln Project during his nighttime show, "The 11th Hour" on Tuesday. 

"It’s a collection of crazies, sycophants, deniers, haters, and obfuscators, in a production The Lincoln Project likes to call ‘Last Week In The Republican Party,’" Williams announced.

The ad attempted to demean various Republican and conservative figures including South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Williams appeared to approve of the ad, allowing the Lincoln Project to close his late night program. 

"Sorry about the saliva noise this close to bedtime. The Lincoln Project to take us off the air tonight with thanks of course to the Republican Party for the raw material. None of that would be possible without them," Williams said.

Williams previously promoted the Lincoln Project by airing an ad from the group in March. The video attempted to link former President Donald Trump to the killings made in an Atlanta spa. Although authorities stated that they did not believe the killer was racially motivated, the ad equated Trump’s words about the "Chinese virus" or "Kung Flu" to the murders of eight women, six of them Asian.

"While the election may be over, the folks over at the Lincoln Project put together a video compilation with an unmistakable message: That words matter," Williams said.


Mainstream media outlets have long promoted the Lincoln Project as a group of "NeverTrump geniuses." This was in spite of reports revealing sexual harassment allegations against Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver. Accounts from the Associated Press detailed at least 10 sexual harassment allegations against Weaver being reported from June 2020. Among those harassed was Cole Trickle Miele, who stated he was 14 when Weaver first contacted him.

Fellow Lincoln Project members like Rick Wilson, Steve Schmidt, and Kurt Bardella denied knowledge of the allegations against Weaver. Instead enjoyed prominent features on CNN and NBC programs like Williams' show. 

Williams, who has a history of misleading his audience. Most notably, in a 2015 broadcast, the former NBC anchor admitted to lying about coming under sniper fire while reporting in Iraq in 2003. Although he was suspended for six months, he was ultimately demoted and returned to reporting as a late-night news anchor for MSNBC.


Williams often aligns with the Lincoln Project in disparaging Republican officials. In May, he referred to Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, as "Kremlin Cruz" and accused him of "peddling Russian propaganda." In June, he insulted both Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott and Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis describing their support for Trump in a crude manner.

"His state doesn't have a dependable power grid, and yet he's going to build his own wall on the border. And he's being richly rewarded by a visit from his guy, Trump, next week," Williams said. "If Abbott wants to, say, run for President, he must be more further ensconced in a particular area of Trump's anatomy than even Ron DeSantis of Florida. And that won't be easy."