Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., joins "Hannity" to discuss how knowing the origins of COVID-19 could have impacted the 2020 election.

LINDSEY GRAHAM: Well, it matters a lot because you have a limited amount of vaccine so in fact if people who had COVID-19 previously don’t need the vaccine that frees up a lot of shots for people throughout the world, right? So science matters here, but the big story, this is the Russian dossier all over again. This stinks to high heaven, this is lab-gate, China-gate, call it whatever you want t call it. Remember when Donald Trump suggested this came out of China with a lab leak? Remember that?

We knew they had leaks out of the labs in the past. But February 19, 2020, when we had the first cases in January, 27 scientists signed a letter that said, "Conspiracy theories create do nothing but create rumors and prejudice that jeopardize our global collaboration to fight against this virus." In other words, 27 scientists signed a political document shaming Cotton and Trump and anyone else, shutting them up. The media took it and ran, and it changed the course of the election, why? Number one the scientists are tied to this lab. They were covering their ass. They put out a letter, not based on science, but a political document to trying to destroy people suggesting that it came out of a lab. Why does this matter? If Trump was right about the lab leak it would change the image the public had of Trump regarding the coronavirus. More importantly, if it came out of the lab in China, he was right it was the China virus, and the 2020 election would have been about who could hold China accountable, Trump or Biden. Who would you want in the room to hold China accountable for infecting the world with coronavirus?