Laura Ingraham exposed the modern left's authoritarian bent Tuesday on "The Ingraham Angle."

"'Do as you're told.' That's the implicit message we heard ringing from Capitol Hill to Georgia today," the Fox News host said.


On Tuesday, the Department of Justice announced the formation of a domestic terrorism unit.

"The rule of thumb is this: The only people allowed to question election outcomes are Democrats," Ingraham said. "All others are suspected domestic terrorists. So do as you're told."

Also on Tuesday, President Joe Biden criticized the U.S. Senate in a speech supporting changes to Senate filibuster rules to allow for the passage of voting legislation.

" … [W]hen Democrats lose influence, they don't retool their failed policies," Ingraham reacted. "No, no, no, no, no. They try to change the rules to make it easier to cheat in Congress or at the ballot box. Now this is why Biden's puppeteers support ballot harvesting and even support voting rights for illegal aliens. Under their warped worldview, states need to do as they're told."

In Washington, D.C., Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared in a Senate committee hearing on the federal response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ingraham called Fauci's appearance "one of the most disgraceful performances by a public official I've witnessed in the 25 years I've been covering politics in Washington."

Biden's chief medical adviser said Sen. Rand Paul's accusations against him "[kindle] the crazies out there and … [he has] threats upon [his] life."

"I, for one, am not surprised by Fauci's reaction at all," Ingraham declared. "He's ruled his own kingdom in the D.C. medical bureaucracy for decades and has shown nothing but disdain for those who disagree with his conclusions. Not even the people's elected representatives are immune."

A hot mic also caught Fauci calling Kansas Republican Sen. Roger Marshall a "moron" after he was asked about his financial disclosures.


"Public health officials are there to serve the public," Ingraham concluded. "They're accountable to the public and are supposed to conduct themselves in ways that engender public trust. Fauci himself is the most highly compensated official in the US government. I guess now more than $400,000 a year he makes. And given his record over the past two years, given his misrepresentations on vaccines, masks, school closures, therapeutics -- he should repay the taxpayers every last dime of it."