Lara Logan sounds alarm on government surveillance

Cyber activist Jacob Appelbaum warns the United States is headed in the direction of communist China

Lara Logan sounded the alarm on government surveillance in the most recent season of her Fox Nation show "Lara Logan Has No Agenda," highlighting how the monitoring of American citizens through their technology can have dire consequences. 

"Like him or hate him, the real lesson of Edward Snowden is that the digital age opened the door to 24-hour surveillance of every one of us," she said. "And despite the Constitution, U.S. leaders walked right through it." 

Americans are used to advertisers using their data for targeted ads, but Logan said the government was collecting and storing our data as well. 


"A lot of Americans are silent right now about increased government surveillance because they’re told it’s to protect the country against this domestic terror threat of White nationalists," she noted. "But that domestic surveillance capability could just as easily be turned on Bernie Sanders supporters." 

Logan spoke to Jacob Appelbaum, a cyber activist, journalist, and good friend of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who she said knows the threat of tech surveillance personally. 

"There’s a lot of people who have conflicted interest where they’re supposed to protect Americans, but at the same time, they think they can do that by violating people’s rights constantly and recording data, especially with mass surveillance," Appelbaum said. "I find this stuff to be so frustrating because while they can be sources of legitimate intelligence, there can be lots of collateral damage." 

Appelbaum said the United States was moving in the direction of China, where the Chinese Communist Party is building a social credit score system to monitor its citizens. 

"They’re building mass surveillance platforms left and right," he said of China. "They use them for ethnic detection and sorting, which is used for social sorting, which is used for what I think are probably genocidal activities, and when you look at that, you think is that the path you want America to be on?" 

"I don’t. I don’t want America on that path."

Appelbaum noted that the line between Big Tech and the government is much more blurred than people think, and the primary goal of many companies like Facebook is censorship. 

"The term moderation is really just a nice way to say censorship," he said. "And so, companies like Facebook, they’re primarily censorship companies. The majority of their workforce is literally doing surveillance and censorship. And that, to me, is horrifying." 

Logan warned of the dangers of Big Tech, government surveillance, and more on Fox Nation’s "Lara Logan Has No Agenda." 

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