President Joe Biden shocked Americans by repeating the claim that the greatest threat to the United States is "global warming," "Hannity" host Sean Hannity stated Wednesday night.

"The greatest threat to our servicemen and women it's not China, it's not Russia, it's not Iran or North Korea, it's not radical Islamic terrorists or it's not nuclear war. No, according to President "sippy cup" Joe, the greatest threat to our military is global warming, and he was not joking."

Biden is set to participate in a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin June 16, where he is expected to push the leader on pressing items several items including recent hacks on American industries, but many in the Republican Party are concerned about the president's toughness. 

Hannity shared his concerns, saying, "In just a few days, that guy will sit down with hostile actor from the hostile regime of Russia, Vladimir Putin. You know the country that just hacked our energy and our beef industries. I fear that Vladimir will eat Joe's lunch, embarrass us all, and that is not good for this country and not good for the world."

Hannity went on to discuss how Biden's mental and physical presence will affect how the Russian president views the United States.

"Vladimir will see what we all see, that Joe Biden is a frail, weak, cognitive mess, who can do little more than read far-left talking points on a teleprompter, and he actually struggles to do that."


Meanwhile, Vice President Kamala Harris is receiving sharp criticism from Latin American leaders and even left-wing media outlets upon her return from Guatemala.

"Believe it or not his vice president, Kamala Harris, she might actually be even more incompetent. I know hard to believe. Her trip to Latin America was an unmitigated disaster," Hannity said. "Biden's border czar struggled to answer basic questions about the border crisis. She doesn't seem to understand what's actually going on at the border. She flat out refused to actually visit or commit to visiting the border... She was openly criticized and lectured by Latin American leaders both before, during and after her trip. It was so bad that even fake news CNN, even they were complaining."