Fox News host Sean Hannity slammed the Biden administration's "confusing" and "ever-evolving" messaging surrounding COVID-19 mandates, Wednesday on "Hannity." 

"Over the past six months, the CDC and the NIH have given conflicting and contradictory messages on vaccines, travel, COVID variants, the origins of COVID-19, herd immunity, outdoor transmissibility, indoor transmissibility, asymptomatic spread, et cetera."

Hannity joked that "If you stuck your finger in the wind, took a wild guess on COVID-related matters. You'd probably be more consistent than Fauci, Walensky, and the other so-called health experts in our federal government."

Hannity continued by showing a montage of Dr. Anthony Fauci contradicting his own guidance over the past year, and wondered if the administration and health experts were just reacting to liberal media outlets.

"Either way the Biden administration is sick and tired of we, the American people, not listening to the sage advice coming from their ‘experts,' and they know just who to blame. When all else fails blame Donald Trump and his supporters."

Though the government is expediting its efforts to get as many Americans vaccinated as possible, just last year Joe Biden and Kamala Harris cast doubt over the vaccine, citing that they don't trust President Trump. Many in the media also cast doubt on the efficacy and even possibility of a viable vaccine.

"It gets worse on Twitter MS*DNC* host Joy Reid openly wondered, 'I mean, will anyone, anyone at all ever fully trust the CDC again? And who on God's earth would trust a vaccine approved by the FDA? How do we get a vaccine distributed after this broken, Trumpist nonsense has infected everything? Even if Biden wins."

Hannity wondered, "Has Joy Reid or Joe Biden or Kamala Harris or any of these left-wing lunatics in the media and the Democratic party ever recanted their anti-vax comments? Have they ever apologized and corrected the record?"


Hannity continued to blast the media and Democrats saying that hating Donald Trump is more important to them than the truth and vaccinating Americans.

"Tonight top Democrats wonder why Americans won't get the vaccine. Well, maybe they should look in the mirror."