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A Minnesota mother, who shared a video last week of her 6-year-old daughter teaching her brother a Bible verse to help ease his fear of the novel coronavirus, described that moment on “Fox & Friends First” on Wednesday.

“I was amazed,” Sheletta Brundidge, a comedian and mother of four, said on Wednesday.

“I felt blessed that my daughter was able to pick up on her brother’s fears and just jump right in with, not only a Bible verse, but the right Bible verse to tell him that he needed to have power, have love and keep his mind right.”

On Thursday, Brundidge, the mother of three kids with autism, tweeted the video of her children and shared the timely message of choosing faith over widespread fear surrounding the coronavirus outbreak.

Brandon Brundidge, 7, is seen in the video facing his sister, Cameron, who after noticing him tense up quickly grabbed his hand. Brandon then repeated after Cameron, phrase by phrase, as she said, "But God did not give me a spirit of fear, but power, love, and a sound mind."

The siblings are seen hugging as everyone exclaimed, "Amen!"


“At that moment she calmed the dears of our entire family because we were panicked,” Brundidge said. “That particular day I was down to four rolls of toilet paper and could find none so my stress level was high, my husband works in healthcare, his stress level was high.”

“They were talking about closing the schools so my older son was wondering about some sports that he’s playing and if he was going to see his friends and so our house was just in a panic,” she continued.

“We have four children, three of them have autism and part of having autism for some children is having high anxiety and my son has that and I was so busy dealing with the coronavirus that I didn’t pick up on it, but I am so glad that my daughter’s been paying attention in Sunday school, she learned that scripture and she walked right over to comfort and mother her brother in his time of need and it barely tore me down,” she went on to say.

Brundidge says her daughter prays for everybody and remembered the verse, 2 Timothy 1:7, after learning it in Sunday school at Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church in Minneapolis.

Inspired by her daughter, Brundidge wrote on Twitter: "Stop letting your fear of coronavirus be bigger than your faith in God. Plead the blood, pray and wash your hands. Amen!"

The Brundidge family: Shawn, 54; Sheletta, 48; Andrew, 13; Brandon, 7; Cameron, 6; and Daniel, 5. (Courtesy of Sheletta Brundidge)

The proud mom is releasing a children's book at the end of the month about her called “Cameron Goes to School,” designed to empower young boys and girls who have autism and educate their classmates.

On Wednesday, Brundidge shared a message to parents on how to keep the faith amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have a saying in our household, ‘faith over fear’ and so we have to really rely on our faith, we have to talk to our children in a way that they understand and as parents, we know our children, we know how much they can take,” she said. “We can give them the message about being safe because we got to tell them why they have to wash their hands so much and what to and not to touch and why this particular time they can’t go to the store or if school is out, why we can’t go to the park or an indoor playground, why is it so important that we stay at home and keep ourselves safe.”


“We have to send that message, but we don’t have to give them all the gloom and doom and we can talk to them about their faith and having faith and not being so fearful even at a time like this,” she continued.

Fox News’ Caleb Parke contributed to this report.