MSNBC's Rachel Maddow defends Mueller hearings, says it was a 'remarkable day'

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow appeared to have a more optimistic view of the Mueller hearings on Wednesday night, calling it a "remarkable day" and insisted that it wasn't a "great day" for President Trump.

"I will tell you, I was not quite sure what to expect from today's testimony by Robert Mueller," Maddow told her audience. "If you had told me that today, we would get from Robert Mueller over the course of these seven hours such a blunt accounting from him... of who in the president's campaign was compromised by Russia, and how, specifically how they were compromised by Russia, including the president."


The highly-rated liberal cable news host characterized the hearings as "landmark" and "historic," but conceded that former Special Counsel Robert Mueller "definitely seemed older than his 74 years" and that he seemed "less on top of matters." Nonetheless, she was confident that investigations must continue.

"Given the unrelentingly dire descriptions he gave about the president's conduct and the conduct of the president's campaign and its ongoing implications for the country, it seems like they gave us two big directions today that feel imperative in terms of what we try to figure out next and the paths that we next follow to try to get to the bottom of this still-open scandal," Maddow explained. "Because of that performance from Mueller today, I think that lights a fire under the need to speak to the people on his team who actually did the work... I think one of the outcomes from today's hearing is gonna be a renewed interest by Congress in hearing from the people who were on Mueller's team and did the work beyond the sort of distant figurehead figure of Mueller himself, which was revealed today by what I think was his surprising effect."


Maddow was also convinced that House Democrats will pursue the "money side" of the Trump-centric investigations based on the lack of answers from Mueller regarding Trump's finances.

"All in all, just look at today as a whole, it was a remarkable day, not just for this presidency but for the presidency," Maddow continued. "I know the Trump White House and conservative media are trying to, like, chin up tonight, make it seem like they had a great day today... they did not have a great day today."