Dr. Oz rejects conspiracy theories surrounding coronavirus origins: 'For sure' did not originate in a lab

Dr. Mehmet Oz quashed a widely circulated conspiracy theory that the deadly coronavirus originated in a high-security biochemical lab in China.

"Let me just address that ... one of the biggest crises out there right now is the false information being circulated on social media about the virus," Dr. Oz told Harris Faulkner on Monday during a one-hour "Outnumbered Overtime" special on the outbreak. "I can tell you for sure it was not manufactured in the lab."

"I can tell you for sure it was not manufactured in the lab."

— Dr. Mehmet Oz, 'Outnumbered Overtime'

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., first made the startling and unverified suggestion surrounding the biosafety level 4 "super laboratory" telling "The Story" last month that the U.S. needed "to be open to all possibilities" in exploring the origins of the outbreak that has continued to spread to countries around the world.

"I'm suggesting we need to be open to all possibilities and we need to demand that China open up and be transparent so a team of international experts can figure out exactly where this virus originated," Cotton said at the time.

Oz said he was "told and reassured by real experts who understand the structure" that "this was not made by man," but rather it was a result of a fusion between the COVID -19 strain and the standard, more "readily available" coronavirus largely responsible for a sore throat.

"Probably somebody in that wet market had a sore throat, and maybe a mammal they were keeping in the wet market got saliva on them or bit them, or they somehow exchange bodily fluids, and those viruses probably merged," Oz explained.


Dr. Oz said the COVID-19 appears "too clunky, weird," to be manufactured, and reiterated his professional opinion surrounding the "wild mutation's" origins.


"The virus happened when our regular coronavirus, married this other virus,[COVID-19] made children, and the rest is history."