Danny Trejo on saving baby girl from crashed SUV: 'Thank God I was in the right place at the right time'

Fresh off playing the hero by saving a trapped baby from inside a crashed SUV in Los Angeles, iconic Hollywood villain Danny Trejo spoke to Fox News' Shep Smith about the experience.

"I just thank God I was in the right place at the right time," he told Smith on Thursday.

"I got into the car, but I couldn’t unbuckle the seatbelt... If the baby wasn’t in that car seat, it probably would have died. Because it tore off the whole backseat. And so this little girl, Monica Jackson, she reached her little hand in, to be able to push that button and that’s when I got the kid out."

Trejo said he could tell the child had special needs and tried to distract him from going into shock by talking about "superpowers." He also said he wanted to keep the child away from the scene while rescue workers tried to save his grandmother from the wreckage.


"I knew immediately that this kid was special needs and he started stiffening up, going into shock so I just kind of started talking about superpowers and you got to use your superpowers. And so he flexed and said, 'superpowers' and then we kind of walked away from the wreck. And I noticed people shaking their heads saying, don’t bring him over here because grandma was bleeding pretty bad," he said.

Trejo added, "When the fireman got there, they were talking about the jaws of life but this one fireman was a strong sucker, and he pushed the car up. They tore open the door and then got grandma out. They cleaned her off with my t-shirt, and then got all the blood off of her and then the fireman said, come on and bring the kid. So I brought the kid and he kind of calmed down a little bit."

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Trejo said he was on his way to do some work on his car and felt obligated to step up and answer the call because God expects people to help one another when they're in need.

"I was on my way calmly to Chubby’s Automotive where I work on my cars, I’m one of the celebrities that works on their cars. I don't buy them. And it just happened," he said.


"It’s like, in this world we're supposed to help each other. That’s what we are supposed to do. I think that’s the way the good Lord wants us to be -- is just help each other. So I just tried to help."