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Robert Neely is on a mission to inspire people through positivity.

In 2014, he and Hunter Stensrud created a website, InspireMore, to be a “good news” platform where people could go to consume strictly positive, inspiring stories.

When the coronavirus outbreak began to ramp up and stay-at-home orders were announced, the InspireMore team figured people were in need of good news now more than ever. In mid-March they launched their “Good News Dashboard,” which updates daily with 15 to 20 uplifting stories related to the ongoing pandemic.

The goal is to aggregate and find the most inspiring news, [and] encouraging tips around coronavirus. So ‘is it getting better?’ ‘What do we do?’ ‘How do I have fun?’ And then just things that will maybe make me smile a little bit during this time,” Neely told Fox News.

While they use technology to comb through the internet for messages of hope, InspireMore also has people from all over the world submitting their own personal stories to them.

Neely says the InspireMore website has seen a big uptick in traffic since they launched the new Good News Dashboard. The engagement for their daily newsletter, The Morning Smile, has also skyrocketed, now reaching over 500,000 subscribers.

Neely says that good news platforms like theirs have always existed, but are getting more attention now during these uncertain times.

“Some are new but I would say the majority have been around and are just getting traction. I think in times of crisis, people realize they need good,” said Neely.

Neely and the others at InspireMore are passionate about reminding everyone that there is so much good in the world, and they hope people will continue to use their platform as a way to remind themselves and others of that.

Our strength as a company is that we're really good at finding all of the good out there. And all of the good out there is a testament to humanity. Our mission is to inspire humanity to live for more.”