Aurora Regino, who says a school counselor helped her daughter consider a gender transition without parental notification, is suing the Chico Unified School District in northern California.

The lawsuit she filed against the district on Jan. 6 is seeking a permanent injunction against its alleged "Parental Secrecy Policy."

Regino told Fox News' Jesse Watters on Friday that she's "appalled" by the actions the school district allegedly took after her 11-year-old daughter at the time expressed a desire to transition from a biological female to a male. 

"For a few months she had opened up to a guidance counselor and the guidance counselor the very day that she opened up and said she felt like a male, she walked her to class and affirmed it that day," Regino told "Jesse Watters Primetime" on Friday. 

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Regino recounted that she never gave permission for the school counselor to see her daughter one-on-one. 

"My daughter did mention to the school counselor that she wanted to tell me, and the school counselor dismissed her request and was trying to get her to come out to other people first," Regino continued. 


Regino said her daughter eventually told her grandmother, who then told her. Once she was made aware, Regino said she immediately reached out to the principal of the school.

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60% of parents registered to vote said transgender policies in schools are a problem. (Fox News Poll)

Regino told Watters that when children are struggling with any sort of issues, they need their family by their side, and no school or institution should cut off the parental rights and the support children need.

"They don't need their family cut off from them," she said. "It's a time in their life where they need their family the most."


Regino told Watters that her daughter is now doing well and again identifies as a female, but warned that children need protection and that this needs to stop in America's schools. 

The Chico Unified School District told Watters it hadn't received the lawsuit as of Friday, he reported, but the district did say it assures the community "Chico Unified does not have a ‘Parent Secrecy Policy,’ nor [does it] ever try to define a student's personal identity," adding that it will review any claim once received.