California gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner said that she faced more backlash for joining the California gubernatorial race as a Republican than she did when she publically joined the transgender community.

"You know what? It was easier to come out as trans than it is to come out as a Republican," Jenner, who is running to unseat Gov. Gavin Newsom in a recall election, told Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren in a new episode of "No Interruption."


"Especially in California, when Diane Sawyer and I did my first interview as-- you know, in my old life, and she goes, 'oh my God, I hear you're a Republican, too'," Jenner recalled. "And I got more backlash for that than [for] being trans, and I'm thinking, ‘oh my gosh, this is ridiculous.’"

Jenner, whose Republican leanings place her at odds with many in the LGBTQ community, told Lahren that she identifies herself as an "inclusive Republican."

"I hate when they put you in this little box, OK? Everybody wants to-- you know, in this box or this box. And if you're Republican, that means you must think this way. You must deal with issues this way. I'm not even close to that, OK?" she said.

Jenner said she wants to revive California and enact policies that will turn it into "a pro-business state." 

"We're not a pro-business state," she said. "We're against business here in this state. You know, lower taxes, less regulations. I want more people not on welfare, I want more people with the dignity of a job, OK? And so that's why I've always been on the Republican side. But as an inclusive Republican, I am for everybody. I am here for every Californian that's out there."

"If you don't have an economy, you can't have social programs," she explained. "You can't fix things. So that's why I've always been an inclusive Republican."

Addressing her critics, Jenner told Lahren that the Republican Party on paper "really doesn't represent who I am." 

"I want them to come to my side. The Republican Party needs to change, OK? And to be honest with you…I am the poster child for change," she said.

While a conventional Republican doesn't stand a large chance to unseat Newsom in the blue state, Jenner believes she can "bring those Democratic voters over if they know who I am." 

"I'm in this for everybody. I'm inclusive," she said.


 "When I'm driving around and people, you know, want to talk… many of them have said, 'I'm a Democrat, but I'm voting for you. I mean, they hate to see what's happening in this state, and it's all been led by Gavin Newsom," she said.

"Especially the decline of the state over the last, you know, 10 years has been terrible, but it really has accelerated over the last few years that he's been in there. And people see that."

Jenner announced her candidacy for governor in May, joining businessman and 2018 Republican gubernatorial nominee John Cox and former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer. 

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