Brit Hume: Why Trump may not emerge from Senate impeachment trial unscathed

Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume told "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Tuesday that the idea that the ongoing Senate impeachment trial will help President Trump is not necessarily true.

"[Former President Bill Clinton] had a great economy going and that buoyed his standing in a way that this great economy we have now does not seem to have buoyed this president's standing," Hume said by comparing Clinton's presidency and impeachment to Trump's.


"This president is to a lot of people is obnoxious," Hume added. "And so, remember that when you start thinking about impeachment helping him, I don't think impeachment ever really helps."

Hume also noted that unlike Trump, Clinton was not pursuing reelection when he was impeached. Instead, Clinton's two-term Vice President Al Gore was seeking to win the White House against George W. Bush.

"He [Bush] ran principally on restoring 'honor and decency' -- I forget the exact words -- 'honor and integrity to the Oval Office.' It proved to be a winning message," Hume said. "It wasn't really about Al Gore. It was about Clinton."

However, Hume also pointed out that the impeachment proceeding seems to have done little to dent Trump's support.


"If you look out across America and you think of the places where Trump is popular, the case being in the performance being put on by these people who we're seeing on the House side, I don't think it's moved the needle against President Trump at all," Hume said.

More than three in four Americans questioned in a Monmouth Poll released Tuesday said that Trump administration officials, as well as the president, should be invited to testify. And just over half -- 51 percent -- said that members of the Trump administration who refused to appear before last year’s House impeachment inquiry should be compelled to testify in the Senate trial.

Fox News' Paul Steinhauser and Brooke Singman contributed to this report.