Brit Hume: Biden had his 'best performance' in weekend debate, but moved far to the left

Former Vice President Joe Biden turned in his best performance yet in Sunday's Democratic debate with Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume said Monday on "Special Report."

"This was much the best performance that Joe Biden has given, as far as I'm concerned, all year. He seemed rested, prepared, he seemed out on top of things," Hume said. "He didn't seem to have any senior moments and he went toe-to-toe with Bernie Sanders -- who is famously well-versed in the issues that he cares about."

The debate came after several campaign trail gaffes for Biden, including a technical difficulty-ridden virtual town hall, a claim he was running for U.S. Senate, and a fiery exchange with a Michigan voter he called "full of s---" during which he referred to a certain firearm as an "AR-14."


Hume said Biden's performance may have "sealed" his growing and near-"insurmountable" lead over Sanders in the delegate race.

"Bernie Sanders seemed reconciled to that, but we will see what he does in the next few days."


Despite Biden's strong night, Hume noted that the former senator had moved far to the left from his traditional positions specifying his vocal opposition to a cut in the budgetary increases given each year to Social Security and other entitlements.

"Biden has been willing to consider those things in the past," he said. "It gives you an idea of the pressure he's under from his left and it will remain to be seen between now and the end of the nominating cycle how much further to the left he will be pulled and how much of a problem that becomes for him in the general election."