"Unfiltered" host Dan Bongino examined the struggle between good and evil in politics when it comes to the radical Left on Saturday.

DAN BONGINO: There's always been this struggle between good and evil. It's nothing new, but it isn't always obvious where the evil exists. But recent actions by the radical Left can no longer be written off as just bad politics, OK? We have to say it: Some on the far-Left are just plain evil. It's just a different fight. Now let me be clear: I'm not talking about all Democrats or liberals. I don't want to do to them what they do to us. I'm talking about the radical Left. They appear so void of any sense of common decency that evil is the only way to describe what they're up to — their action or their inaction.

So let's define the word "evil." Here's Merriam-Webster: "Morally reprehensible," "the fact of suffering, misfortune and wrongdoing." That pretty much sums it up, right? 

Folks, listen. It's easy to ignore evil when it's not affecting you personally. But sooner or later, inaction's a choice. Choosing not to do something is, in fact, the choice. Oddly it's the Left who likes to say, "Silence is violence," but this isn't about politics. Again, I'm not calling all Democrats evil. But some actions on the far-Left are absolutely indefensible, especially when they target those who can't defend themselves. The Left makes choices too. There's no other way to describe some of this stuff, and it's just plain evil. 

Eric Adams, who despite having zero — that's right, zero — scientific evidence, is trying to keep masks on kids ages 2 to 4. 

New York City Mayor Eric Adams

New York City Mayor Eric Adams. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File) 


How the hell do you defend that? Let me get this straight: Eric Adams wants you to mask your 2-year-old, while he goes out and parties with the foo-foo celebrity crowd? What about all the adults who lost their jobs for refusing to get the vaccine? What about that? What about the first-responders who were praised as heroes early on in the pandemic, and they were, but were then kicked to the curb when they didn't follow the approved narrative? Listen, I know this is hard to hear. … But how is any of this explainable without the existence of evil?