Ben Shapiro goes off on media in Twitter rant over coronavirus lockdowns: Stop with the 'panic porn'

'Stop pretending that 20-year-olds going to the office is akin to letting covid loose in an old age home. It isn't'

Endless lockdowns in the absence of a coronavirus vaccine are not an option, and "pretending" that the idea is a feasible or responsible course of action "is a lie," Ben Shapiro asserted Monday.

In a series of posts on Twitter, the "Ben Shapiro Show" host voiced his frustration to his 2.9 million followers about ongoing lockdown orders and the "dishonest" media who he said are responsible for the "panic porn" gripping the country.


"Endless lockdown is not an option. Endless unemployment payments are not an option. Leaving children school-less for a year is not an option. And pretending that these things represent responsible policy options is a lie," Shapiro began.

"We need a hell of a lot fewer top-line, 30,000-ft. scare quotes from the experts, and a lot more discussion of risk profiles for various populations," he added before turning to the ongoing debate about whether schools should reopen this fall and what form in-person classes should take if they do reopen.

"Stop saying 'sure, the average age of death from covid is 80, but kids are dying too," Shapiro wrote. "This is deeply dishonest. The question is how MANY kids (answer: nearly zero). Stop saying 'teachers are at serious risk.' The question is which teachers (age, e.g.), and how large a risk.


"Also, stop acting as though it is a tragedy when a young person gets covid and then is fine," he went on. "That young person is no longer a vector for transmission! That person should isolate to prevent danger to the more vulnerable; masks should be used for the same, of course."

Because younger generations are thought to be less vulnerable to death or serious illness from the virus, Shapiro suggested state leaders begin "tranching healthy populations into the workforce," which will both "protect the vulnerable and let everybody else live responsibly!"

"But stop pretending that 20-year-olds going to the office is akin to letting covid loose in an old age home. It isn't," he said. "Tranching healthy populations into the work force is a good, responsible thing to do. Protect the vulnerable, and let everyone else live responsibly!"


"Here's the rule," he concluded, "if you've got statistical estimates, it isn't panic porn and we should take it very seriously. If you don't, let's wait before there are such statistical estimates to jump to "SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN FOREVER OR YOU WANT EVERYONE TO DIE!"