Michigan teen graduates from college while still a sophomore in high school

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A smart high school student from Michigan is getting her degree from a community college, two years before she's set to graduate high school.

Right now, Noel Ramos, a sophomore, is tackling her high school English paper. Later this week, she'll be walking across the stage for her graduation ceremony at Kellogg Community College.

A year ago Ramos started to take a few classes at KCC, along with her high school classes.

"I was just taking college classes the first semester. Like I didn't plan on graduating at all," she said. "Then my mom started looking into it and she was like, 'Wait a second, you like taking these classes, you might as well just like get your degree.' I'm like, 'Oh my goodness, that's such a good idea!'"

From there, her journey of duel enrollment took off and now, at the age of 15, she has two associates degrees.

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Her eagerness to learn has more than impressed her high school counselors.

"The first one is general studies and then we were looking at the other degree programs and we found out that to get your art degree it's only a couple of extra classes. And I like art, I'm not going into the art field but I like art so I was like, 'Oh yeah, might as well get that too,'" Ramos said.

Ramos plans to take it easy in her junior and senior year, by taking model U.N. and a few more college classes. Eventually, she hopes to major in counseling and become a school psychologist.

Ramos graduates from Gull Lake High School in 2018.

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