Mexican Architect Designs A Home Fit For A Pharaoh

A Mexican architect’s stunning new home design is fit for a king …or better yet a pharaoh.

Juan Carlos Ramos spent months planning the layout of a home shaped like an ancient pyramid, except with all the modern amenities including a garage and a pullout balcony.

Designed to be built as a countryside hideout, the pyramid features three floors of residential space, a huge transparent glass window on one of the four sides and smaller openings scattered around the home for windows, balconies and the garage. The pyramid also comes with a dinner table that fits ten people and a spiral staircase that runs through the three floors.

The Egyptian pharaohs may have been mummified, entombed and surrounded by gold treasure, but Ramos’ home design also features a recording studio and a swimming pool to help beat the heat in your getaway house.

So take that King Tut.

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Unfortunately for modern day pyramid dwellers, Ramos’ home is only in design phase after winning a prestigious architectural award and there is no word on when the pyramid will be made.

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