Visiting Your Local Farmer’s Market

Conventional grocery stores are very consistent in their offerings; one can get almost anything of necessity at any time, year round.

As seasons change so does the pricing of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

As we begin to avoid fruits and vegetables laden with harmful chemicals, we strive to buy wholesome and organic produce when possible.

With awareness of what we are eating, we also become more aware of the cost of our food.

There are several ways we can make our ascent to a healthier and more conscientious lifestyle.

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The best way to begin is by checking into what is local and available. Farmers markets are a great place to reap the benefits of buying local and organic products. Here are some reasons why visiting your farmer's market will serve you and your health.

1. Go out to the elements: Because it is a “farmer's market” you get to enjoy your products in their most natural element.

Typically these markets are outdoors, which provide a great excuse for being out and getting fresh air. They also can provide for a nice family outing and experience.

You get to enjoy the vast options of your favorite foods that are in season and freshly harvested.

Depending on the size of the market, you want to be sure you arrive early enough so that you don’t miss out on your favorite food.

2. Seasonal harvest: Local products from your area that are offered usually can hit your plate only hours after they have been picked.

The reason they have the best taste is because of the location, farmers can allow their products to ripen fully before harvesting. Buying season also means you get to enjoy different fruits and vegetables year round -- at their optimal freshness.

3. Know your neighbors: Getting to know your local farmers! Often times these small businesses in your area cannot afford to get “organic certification” so they rely on their personal relationships to stay in business.

Most of the time these farmers grow their produce without harmful chemicals or pesticides to ensure the best quality product. If you are unable to shop “organic” it is a great way for you to get the same product for a reasonable price.

4. Trying something new: Do not become complacent about buying the same things.

Farmers markets usually have a great variety of new foods and products. Sometimes there are exotic fruits or vegetables that only grow for a short period of time.

Or try a new foreign food that is being offered because of a new local fruit or vegetable. It can quickly become a favorite.

All year long farmers markets offer the best quality of local foods.

It is important for these farmers to have the support of their local community in order to thrive in their business and stimulate the economy. They offer us the ability to purchase foods that are wholesome and ultimately better for our overall health. Knowing where your food comes from is as important as the types of food you are eating.