The Family Challenge -- Two Months, and 63 Less Pounds Later

It’s been a month since my last post, and I have to say, my familia has made excellent changes and improvements despite some challenges. I am so proud of them!

The four girls have lost a total of 42 lbs combined and two of the hubby's have lost between 10 to 11 lbs each. So that makes a total of 63 lbs I have managed to help melt off. That to me is, amazing. As you see, pound per pound, the girls have taken this much more seriously.

It has been 12 weeks since the Family Challenge started. The goal was for me to provide nutrition advice, and they implement physical activities and/or exercises and lose one pound a week. Only one of the girls has surpassed my expectations. She never complains, nor gives me excuses. She follows her nutrition plan and continues to make lifestyle changes, like exercising daily.

But the Familia has had some challenges. One big challenge was a weeklong, family trip to Colombia. You can't go to Colombia and not enjoy the culinary delights! In Colombia, you can eat very healthy, as long as you stay away from fried foods, so I knew the girls would do well. But the delights can be sinful if eaten in excess. Here are some of my favorite: arepas, arepas de choclo, sancocho, bandebono, pan de yuca, mmmm, que rico!

In Colombia, the food is not processed like the food here – it is whole and fresh. I did want the girls to enjoy the trip and treat themselves, because it was a special trip, our Grandmother's 90th birthday. As long as they maintained control, I knew they would do well. And they did!

Before the trip, I sent them an email to pre-pack some snacks for the plane ride to Colombia, and back (low-fat cheese sandwich on either a low-carb wrap or whole-grain bread like Ezekiel). I also suggested a Tupperware container with chicken or tuna with veggies, olive oil and either some sweet potato or brown rice. Another suggestion was that they could purchase a pre-made protein shake at the airport, which has a good combination of protein and carbs since they couldn't carry through security Greek yogurt, or cottage cheese, which is part of their nutrition plan. In the email, I also recommended they pack in their luggage some nuts (almonds or walnuts), their whey protein (which they take once per day with water), vitamins and BeautyFuel fat burners.

So this what the girls told me when they got back from their trip:

#1- On my trip, I took the BeautyFuel fat burners and protein (whey protein) When I went out to eat, I would remove everything I wasn’t going to eat from my plate. There were days where I ate ice cream and some sweets but when I returned to the states I started my diet again. (lost 10 pounds, needs to lose another 10)

#2-What I took to Colombia with me was the BeautyFuel fat burners and vitamin supplements.

The challenges in Colombia was just trying to control my eating with such amazing meals and breakfast breads (almohabanas, bunuelos, pan de yuca). I ended up with a stomach virus, which was the worst thing that could have happened to me specially since my time in Colombia as already very limited. For a whole day, I could not eat at all and was mostly in bed.

How did I manage to get back on the routine? When I came back to the US I thought I was going to fall off the wagon. I started snacking on the Colombian goodies I brought back with me for my children. But once I started with the meals I was back on track. I suspended the vitamins and the BeautyFuel fat burners once I got the stomach virus and also when I got back because still felt my stomach very sensitive. I found I had not lost weight even after the stomach virus episode, but once I started taking the fat-burners I was very surprised that I immediately lost two more pounds four days after coming back from Colombia.  The fat burners I find help me a lot in the morning I am usually very sluggish in the morning, but it gives me a boost without getting the jitters like coffee does. (She has lost 8 lbs, but only needs to lose about 3-5 more lbs)

#3-My trip to Colombia was a challenge but we had lots of fun!

I did pack a wrap and had it before the flight and also packed some TLC bars and took some protein powder.

I also packed my vitamins and the BeautyFuel fat burners.  The fat burners have helped because exercising sometimes is limited with me because of my crazy schedule with my kids.

Being in Colombia was a challenge and I have to say I did cheat because the food there is delicious and at grandma’s 90 birthday party all the relatives bent over backwards to cater to all our needs.  I had a delicious plate of Sea Bass but cheated on some ribs and some soup.

Everything was going well until I ended up with a stomach virus.  So I was not on any routine when I made it back home.  I had to recuperate from that and am presently fighting a cold.  Being back in my country was wonderful and having the chance to celebrate my Grandmother’s 90th birthday made it a stupendous trip.(She has lost 11 lbs; goal is to lose another 20 lbs)

#4-on my way to Colombia I took a wrap on the plane and also packed TLC bars, almonds and protein powder. For breakfast I would have pandebono, pandeyuca, bunuelos & natural juice with water. Staying on the routine was hard since I would always get up late, and at lunch and dinner would stay away from processed carbohydrates.

Getting back on the routine was easy, except for Mother's Day, when I had some cookies. But I tried to fill up on watermelons so I wouldn't continue to eat more sugary sweets. The BeautyFuel fat burners have been helpful with my weight loss. However, like the rest of us, I got a stomach virus and I did not take them for 3 days. I do feel energy boost, which makes exercising a much easier. I was glad to be back home. (She has lost 14 lbs with a goal of another 30 lbs)

Yes! All of the girls got a stomach virus in Colombia; but they recuperated well, didn't gain weight and all got back on track within days of arriving to South Florida.

It’s vacation time -- and that means more challenges for everyone!! Everyone is going on a cruise, where the all-you-can-eat buffets will be tempting.

Will keep you posted.

Norma Korpics is a nutritionist and competes in figure/fitness competitions. She lives in South Florida.

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