A British teenager who used cans of deodorant in lieu of bathing died from inhaling gas.

Police found 42 aerosol cans in the room of Thomas Townsend, 16, of Folkestone, Kent in southeast England, The Sun reported.

According to his mother, Sally, Thomas would spray half a can of deodorant on himself instead of taking a shower, then spray aftershave to cover up body odor.

"He would go through a can a week,” she told investigators. “I didn't know he had so many cans in his room but he was a big hoarder.”

Thomas was living at a children’s home when he was found collapsed on his knees against the bed in August. He was unable to be revived by paramedics.

The boy had been in foster care for five years and moved to the home in February.

According to the investigating pathologist, the cause of death was circulation collapse caused by butane gas inhalation. His system was free of signs of alcohol or drugs, The Sun reported.

The death was ruled an accident.

“He sprayed [deodorant] all over himself and succumbed to the effects of the gas,” coroner Rachel Redman said.

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