A New York woman cannot stop eating deodorant — scoffing down15 sticks a month.

Nicole, 19, who is featured on TLC's "My Strange Addiction," first ate the chemical when she was 4 years old.

But her taste for antiperspirants developed into a full-blown addiction two years ago – and she now eats the substance any time of day.

Nicole revealed she keeps deodorant sticks and spray cans around the house and with her at all times in case she gets a craving.

The teenager’s dependence on the cosmetic has seen her eat 360 deodorant sticks in two years.

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She eats it every day, after meals and if she wakes in the middle of the night.

Nicole is left with a dry mouth and stomach cramps from eating the deodorant, so she sometimes sprays it on her tongue instead.

“My brain is telling me, ‘You have to eat it.’ I tried giving it up for a week, but I got really sick and had bad headaches,” Nicole says on the show. “When I realize I’m out of deodorant I start to panic. My anxiety goes crazy and my heart will beat really fast."

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