Solutions for dry winter skin

Dry air, cold temperatures and blustery winds can cause serious havoc to our skin.

One of the most important things we can do is keep water from evaporating from the skin.

“To fight this cold weather is really to create a barrier with thicker moisturizers and ointments every single day,” Dr. Anne Chapas, a board-certified dermatologist and member of the American Academy of Dermatology told “Heavier creams actually seal the skin to prevent water loss and add needed moisture to our skin.”

Don’t let all the chapped lips, cracked skin and itchy scalp you- use these simple everyday tricks to keep your skin smooth and glowing all year round.

While dry skin on the face can lead to normal winter flakes, it can also cause eczema and a more wrinkled appearance.

Chapas advises that her patients use a heavier night cream to repair dry skin on the face.

“You want to look at a night cream that has moisturizing ingredients such as high hyaluronic acid and dimethicone, plus look for one that has an antioxidant to repair the damage that happened throughout the day and even one with a light retinol to start repairing those fine lines,” Chapas said.

When your lips are exposed to extreme cold air and wind, the protective layer of skin on our lips gets damaged and leaves lips feeling rough and chapped. Plus, licking your lips also dries out the skin when the saliva evaporates.

To protect the lips, use a waxy lip balm.

“Waxes and other types of sealants repair the lips by sealing in moisture and helps prevent evaporation of water from our lips,” Chapas said. “You want to use your lip balm regularly, a couple times a day, and look for ones that have SPF 30. Remember, sun damage occurs on the lips as well as the rest of our body- all year round.”

Hands are one of the thickest areas of skin on our body, but that thick layer doesn’t mean more protection– thicker skin tend to dry out more quickly because the cells in them are dead and dehydrated.

“I like to add thicker ointments to the hands, ones with lanolin or petrolatum are quite affective,” Chapas said.

Activities like washing your hands excessively and playing in the snow can also worsen dryness hands. Chapas suggests trying to limit how much you submerse your hands in water throughout the day by using hand washing lotions or sanitizers to clean your hands.

Experts also recommend putting lotion on hands at night and covering them to lock in moisture.

“Take your favorite hand cream (I like creams with Shea butter) and rub a thick layer on your hands. Then take a pair of clean socks and run them under water. Squeeze out the excess water and warm them up in a microwave for 30 seconds before putting them over your hands,” Erika Katz, a beauty expert and author of “Bonding over Beauty” told

Preventing dry skin on our body is all about bringing back the moisture, but before you lather-up with creams and lotions, try using an exfoliating body scrub to remove dead skin cells. Exfoliation not only speeds up your skins natural renewal process, but it also helps your moisturizer penetrate deeper into the skin.

Katz creates homemade beauty products to nurse her skin back to health.

“The Brown Sugar Body Scrub is definitely one of my favorites to make. It works just as well as any scrub that you buy in the drug store, and it literally costs less than a dollar,” Katz said.

The Brown Sugar Body Scrub is inexpensive and is made with brown sugar, olive oil and honey.

“Brown sugar is great because it's the perfect exfoliant and it's really gentle on your skin. The oil is going to moisturize your skin and the honey, which is an all-natural humectant, helps attract and retain skin moisture,” Katz said.

Since the scalp is just another part of your skin, dandruff issues can be a common problem during the winter.

“Seborrheic dermatitis, or dandruff, is actually a reaction to yeast that lives in our skin, so treating that with an over the counter dandruff shampoo is a lot of the times quite successful," Chapas said.

Katz suggests using your regular shampoo with a little bit of tea tree oil added to it.

“The tea tree oil is going to calm down the scalp and relieve some of that painful itching and burning. It's a wonderful way to just get rid of an itchy, flaky scalp,” Katz said.

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