Photo of bride breastfeeding daughter during ceremony goes viral

A Canadian bride did not let her wedding get in the way of motherhood when her 9-month-old daughter began crying during the ceremony. Instead, Christina Torino-Benton lowered her wedding dress to breastfeed daughter Gemma, and a photo of the moment has since gone viral.

“I tried for maybe two minutes to allow some family members to calm her down, but having missed her nap, and in that heat, it wasn’t going to happen,” Torino-Benton, 30, told PEOPLE. “There was no question. I had to nurse, and I wasn’t hesitant about that at all.”

Photographer Lana Nimmons snapped a photo which has shared on June 21 by the Facebook group Breastfeeding Mama Talk, where it racked up more than 8,000 likes.

“I thought I would get a couple hundred likes on the breastfeeding group— I never imagined for a second it would go totally viral! It’s really incredible,” Benton told PEOPLE.

Torino-Benton said that while she has seen some negative comments about the photo, she’s focusing instead on the positive.

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“This has been a really incredible few days— I’m so proud of my photo— and I hope that when Gemma is older she will love it too,” Torino-Benton told PEOPLE. “My wedding was one of the most amazing days of my life, and I wouldn’t change a thing.”