A Farmington Hills woman has died after contracting a flesh-eating bacteria, FOX 2 reported.

According to her husband Jeff, 33-year-old Crystal Spencer died Sunday afternoon. Doctors believe she developed a blood clot that traveled to her heart.

"She was supposed to be going to a recovery center," Spencer said.

It was earlier this month when friends and family say Crystal didn't feel well after getting a growth removed from her leg at Botsford Hospital.

"You can pick up bad bugs in the hospital, and then you might be dealing with kind of a supercharged, super-guerrilla bacteria that is just going to fly through your tissues," said the DMC's Dr. Joel Kahn.

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The bacteria, known as necrotizing fasciitis, is just one strain and it moves quickly, not only eating away at the body's flesh, but infecting the body with toxins.  The bacteria spreading after a growth or cut leaves the body open to the infection.

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