A 50-year-old man in Texas is fighting for his life after contracting an unidentified flesh-eating bacteria during a family trip to a local beach.

KHOU.com reported that doctors had to amputate Brian Parrott’s right leg after it became infected at a beach in Galveston, Texas, which is on the Gulf Coast of the state. Although local authorities haven’t yet identified the bacteria, they speculated it may be vibrio, a common flesh-eating bacteria that lurks in coastal waters and can infect people through open wounds.

Galveston has seen two human cases of vibrio in 2016— one contracted through an open wound and another by eating undercooked shellfish, KHOU.com reported. In 2015, the island city saw eight such infections.

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Parrott, of Jacinto City, Texas, is in intensive care at LBJ Hospital and recently said in a statement, “’I don’t know how much more of this I can take,’” Donna Dailey, Parrott’s mom, told the news station.

“The problem I have is (Parrott) didn’t know about it,” Dailey said.  “If (his family) had known about it, they surely wouldn’t have put (my) great-grandkids or his grandkids (in the water).”

Parrott reportedly went to the beach Sunday, June 12, and a day later he began vomiting. Next, he noticed sores on his leg.

Dailey told Fox 26 Houston that the turn of events were abrupt.

"You go swimming with your family on Sunday, you go to work on Monday, you have a red leg on Tuesday, Wednesday you have boils on your leg, Thursday you lose the leg, " Dailey told the news station.

The man’s family said the infection has derailed his career in security. They aren’t sure what’s next for the father.

“I’m wanting to know if he’s going to live,” Dailey told KHOU.com.

Dailey told Fox 26 Houston that she was talking to media to caution other families of potential danger, as the beach didn’t have any warning signs that the bacteria was present.

"We want to we want to get the word out, and that's the main thing,” Dailey said. “There's nothing more that we can do for my son, but maybe we can save somebody else.”