Donated Kidney Wasted After Airline Refuses to Carry It On Board

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Doctors in the Philippines were forced to throw away a donated kidney after an airline refused to allow the organ on board, Agence-France Presses reported.

The airline, Cebu Pacific Air, said it was “protecting passengers from possible infection or contamination” when they told the organ harvesting team they could not carry the kidney in the cabin of the plane.

As a result, doctors tried to drive the kidney 250 miles to the destination, but it was too late, and the organ was no longer viable.

"According to NKTI (the government-run National Kidney and Transplant Institute), this is the first time that the team was not allowed to hand-carry the human organ," the president of the Philippine Society of Nephrology, Benjamin Balmores, told AFP.

A spokeswoman for the airline said the kidney was not packed properly.

“It was not in accordance with prevailing internationally accepted standards,” Candice Iyog said.

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