Yummy Breakfast Toast 2 Ways

So you’re serious about shedding the pounds and are determined to skip those sugary cereals, carb-loaded bagels, and sadly, even those syrup-drenched waffles, right?

Sounds simple, except, what’s left to eat? Fortunately, you can still have your bread and eat it, too.

While the idea of munching plain, dry toast sounds as exciting as, well, plain dry toast, there is a way to jazz up this classic breakfast staple, make it super mouthwatering and safe to eat while maintaining your weight loss goals.

Don’t think it’s possible? Just ask Kelly Pfeiffer of Nosh and Nourish. The blogger and recipe developer has found two tantalizing ways to savor toast for the A.M. And rest assured, you won’t crave those other calorie-bursting alternatives. When you’re looking for a quick meal that’s loaded with crunch, spices, and fiber to keep you satisfied, she recommends her avo lime and Thai curry toasts.

Seriously, forget about butter for a minute. The avo lime toast features a generous serving of creamy avocado, chopped pistachios and tangy lime juice, whereas the Thai curry is a medley of hearty garlic hummus, roasted bell peppers, and even some shredded coconut. Not only are they easy to assemble, but they’re certain to brighten up any plate.

“Both hearty breakfast toasts happen to be vegan (dairy-free, egg-free and meat-free), yet are packed with protein and will keep you full through the morning,” says Pfeiffer. “Plant-based breakfast never tasted so good!”

Eating healthy doesn’t sound so bad, either.

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