Would You Eat Kopi Luwak?

Perhaps “would you drink this?” is the more appropriate question this time around.

Kopi Luwak is the world’s most expensive type of coffee, which sounds pretty good…until you hear how it is made.

Instead of being picked off of coffee plants, the beans are gathered from the droppings of a small mammal called a civet. Found primarily in Indonesia, Vietnam and The Philippines, the civet eats raw coffee berries, digests the outer pulp and passes the beans in its feces, which look something like a PayDay candy bar.

Apparently, enzymes and other chemicals in the animal's digestive tract react with the protein in the beans, eliminating much of the bitterness present in most coffees and creating a highly appealing flavor, despite how it came to pass.

Dried, thoroughly cleaned - we're told - and then roasted, Kopi Luwak can cost upwards of $3,000 a pound for the finest varieties, although more typical beans can be found for around $300 at a number of retailers like Porto Rico in New York City and RealKopiLuwak.com.

Just want a taste? Funnel Mill Rare Coffee and Tea in Santa Monica, California will sell you one for $73.50.

But even if it you were offered it for free, would you drink it?