Waffle House customers handcuffed over 50-cent price dispute

Two black customers were reportedly handcuffed after complaining to Waffle House employees that they were overcharged.

The Florida employees allegedly called the police after the couple “refused to pay for a $1.50 overcharge on an orange juice that was listed at $1 on the menu,” Intercept columnist Shaun King wrote on Facebook.


King shared a video of the police body camera footage, stating the couple was “arrested for theft and trespassing,” though he claims the pair never received the food and left money on the counter during the dispute.

The Waffle House employees, King wrote, called police after the customer demanded to talk to management.

In the body camera footage, the officer asks the couple to come outside while they are still arguing with the wait staff.

Once outside, the couple tries to explain the issue with the bill, to which the police officer says they have to pay or they will be arrested for theft.

The couple was not charged with anything and were released.

The couple was not charged with anything and were released. (Fort Walton Beach Police Department)

The pair are eventually handcuffed, but both were released without being charged with anything. The pair paid for their meals, Business Insider reported, but the woman returned to Waffle House later and received a full refund.

A spokesperson for Waffle House said they are looking into the incident.

In a statement to Fox News, the restaurant said:

"As anyone who has dined with us knows, we have a very diverse customer base and workforce. We have had a culture of inclusion since we opened our doors in 1955, and are very proud of the fact that our restaurants have been open to all. We understand the concerns that have been raised, and welcome continued communication with the community, its leaders and the customers involved.

"While our review of the Fort Walton Beach, Fla., incident is continuing, we think both sides could have handled this situation better. On our part, our employee could have done more to de-escalate the dispute before calling the police. We have spoken to our employees in the restaurant and will be doing additional training for the team members of this restaurant on the proper way to handle situations like this.

"The day after the incident, the customers came back to the restaurant and we gave them a full refund. Today, our CEO, Walt Ehmer, has called to apologize to Ms. Sheffield, who was one of the customers involved. We extend our apologies to all the customers who were in the restaurant that night."


This incident comes a month after a video of police choking a black Waffle House patron went viral on social media.

In April, another incident made headlines when a black customer claimed she was locked out of Waffle House while white customers were allowed to eat.