The history of the Bloody Mary is as murky as the drink itself.

Sometime between 1921 and 1939, the cocktail was created by either a French bartender in Paris, an American actor in Paris, or maybe even a French bartender in New York who designed the drink for a Russian Prince.

What is clear about the history of the drink is that it is unlikely there has ever been a more epic Bloody Mary than the one invented on Saturday by comedian Randy Liedtke of Los Angeles who told us he mixed up the drink at home before he went to the movies.  He posted his creation on Twitter for the world to see.

“I chose my garnishes a couple ways. First by thinking about classic Bloody Mary garnishes and second by listing my favorite foods,” Liedtke wrote in an email to FoxNews.com.

The masterpiece cocktail features an entire pizza, fried chicken, two burgers, garlic bread, French fries, onion rings, two cold cut sandwiches and a second Bloody Mary resting precariously on top of the first one.

“A few things that did not make it onto the finished product were: Full rack of ribs (no way to skewer them length wise because of the bones), Rotisserie Chicken (too heavy), Jar of Pickles (also too heavy), Celery (just plain forgot), Hard Boiled Eggs (ate those beforehand because I got hungry),” wrote Liedtke, who hosts a comedy podcast with his friend Brendon Walsh.

The assembly required a game plan, which Liedtke sketched out in a notebook before putting the ingredients together.

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“I generally added one garnish at a time making sure to keep it balanced all the way around,” he added.

Consuming the drink took just as much work.

“I started eating from the top down,” he wrote.“I would have shared it but no one would come over.  I attached 3 straws together and was able to drink a little bit of it as I was eating. I did not eat the whole raw onion, whole lemon, whole lime, jalapeno, garlic bread (because of an allergy). But I was able to eat everything else.”

Cheers to you, Randy Liedtke. The legacy of the Bloody Mary salutes you.