Let's Get Sauced: 12 of the World's Most Popular Sauces and How to Make Them

Here at Fox News Magazine, there's nothing we love more than getting sauced up during our lunch break.

It doesn't matter if it's tomato-based, stock-based, or even a rich béchamel; we're always looking for a great sauce to complement our midday meal. And when we get home at the end of the night, we often find ourselves reaching for big bottles of the harder stuff — BBQ, horseradish, hollandaise — to enjoy with our dinners.

Coincidentally, the folks over at Quid Corner share our passion for getting sauced up, which is why they've created a handy guide to the world's greatest sauce recipes (below). So now, we can enjoy as much of our own homemade sauces as we want, regardless of our pesky co-workers who keep warning us to "stay off the sauce."

Check out the graphic below before fixing up your next saucy dinner. (And afterward, try washing it down with a fifth of cheap vodka, just like we do during our lunch breaks. It pairs surprisingly well!)