Japan now has wine for cats

We've heard of beer for dogs, so it was only a matter of time before there was a wine developed for feline tastes.

A Japanese pet lifestyle company called B&H Lifes has come up with a “wine exclusively for cats,” called Nyan Nyan Nouveau (or meow Nouveau), according to RocketNews24.

Unlike the human version, this kitty wine contains no alcohol, but it is made with juice from Cabernet Franc wine grapes, Vitamin C and catnip, which gives it the taste of wine.

B&H Lifes acknowledges that most cats don't drink liquids for taste, but the company hopes that cat owners will buy it for their furry friends to celebrate special days -- and the upcoming Beaujolais Nouveau season. Japan is the world’s second-largest consumer of the wine after Germany.

But cat owners better hurray.  There are only about one thousand bottles being made --which go on sale for about $4 each.

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