We all need good suggestions for gift ideas for the wine lovers in our lives. So here are a few good ones.

Check out the Wine Gabby. It was designed by Niki Pfeiffer after she dropped a bottle of red wine in a restaurant while fumbling to answer her ringing phone. She actually left her safe tech job to create this and aptly named it after Gabrielle Solis, Eva Longoria’s character on Desperate Housewives. It’s actually pretty cool. It’s basically a wristlet that transforms into a wine bottle carrier.

Pfeiffer also suggested Vino Lux Lotion from the Santa Barbara wine country. It combines anti-oxidant rich grape seed, with aloe, vitamin E, and omega fatty acids from avocado and argan oils to hydrate your skin like those “vinotherapy” spas in Napa.

The Caloric Cuvee is great because it forces you to face the music and puts the calories right on the wine glass. So for instance, pour to the 6 oz. line and you’re looking at approximately 150 calories. Once you fill to 10 oz., you're clearly going all the way, and the glass literally says “who cares!"

And jewelry bottle stoppers, created from vintage and repurposed jewelry, are a great pick for those that love a little bling on their bottles.

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So there’s certainly stuff out there if you’re looking for a creative gift for the wine lovers in your life.

I’d be happy with any of them (wink wink.)

Cent’ Anni.