Okay, we all knew New Orleans was one of those special places where you can walk around with your "go cups."

But there are actually plenty of cities in the U.S. that drinking a beer or cocktail in public won't necessarily land you in the slammer --or at least in legal hot water.

The Huffington Post took a look at public drinking laws and found that there are 20 cities that either have no public drinking ban on the books or have designated "Entertainment Districts" where you can drink in public.  Before you get all excited, note that over the past 40 years, it is getting harder to drink in public.

Here's the information on a handy, colorful map, but here's the break down:

Towns that allow public drinking in most or all areas:
Hood River, Ore.
Sonoma, Calif.
Las Vegas
Fredericksberg, Texas
Fort Worth, Texas
Arlington, Texas
New Orleans 
Gulfport, Miss.
Erie, Pa.
Savannah, Ga.

Towns that allow public drinking in special Entertainment Districts:
Lincoln, Neb.
Kansas City, Mo.
Louisville, Ky.
Memphis, Tenn.
Huntsville, Ala.
Birmingham, Ala.
Montgomery, Ala.
Mobile, Ala.

Now, commit them to memory.